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CreditorDetails.com will help you negotiate your debts with your creditors. It lists most of the creditors in the UK with their contact details for liaising with their credit team.

CreditorDetails.com also contains PDFs that you can print and send to your creditors. If you create an account with us then you will be able to use our free email and fax service (whereby you can send emails and faxes directly to the creditor from this site).

Latest reviews

  • paulr9402
     wrote on 03-Jun-2015:
    Hard to get out of the account with them
  • mickster9990
     wrote on 29-May-2015:
    You have written to me but I am unable to contact you via phone as I am unable to call 0844 numbers and I cant even contact you via email.
  • kathryn.champion
     wrote on 28-May-2015:
    Can I pay my bill online?
  • coupie141
     wrote on 11-May-2015:
    They have been rude, threatening behavior, even though the debt was unsecured they threatened to put a charge on our home, never once did they show ANY COMPASSION, glad I only have a few months left. Never trust them
  • glenroy241
     wrote on 09-May-2015:
    can i pay £50 per mounth to ward my debt account number 6110185894
  • w.g.lock
     wrote on 04-Apr-2015:
    the phone number does not work, there is no way of contacting them easily, they phoned and refused to allow us to pay back at double the cost half the time to clear it faster. we are paying by DD and they have just added another £50 for not payig enough to them/
  • cml.kev
     wrote on 30-Mar-2015:
  • mjb061148
     wrote on 19-Mar-2015:
    On 23/02/15 you took a payment of £3.50,another payment of £12 & 2 payments of £10 each,please can you explain why?
  • sandrabeinoriene
     wrote on 16-Mar-2015:
    checking account
  • Iain.jack_son68
     wrote on 10-Mar-2015:
    Terrible aggressive company I have owed a debt for years today its £711 I offered £450 as a settlement figure but was told point blank no it has to be paid in full. I am current Y unemployed and homelless this company have no shame and are no doubt even worse than the norm in there business

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